YahooWong 亚虎

#SalesMarketingAdvisor #Trainer #Host
销售营销顾问 / 培训讲师 / 活动主持

Being active in public speaking training associations since 2008, I am experienced in leading the organization of major youth activities and speech training courses. In 2017, I joined MSA Youth and worked hand in hand with the association to discover and cultivate more potential young speakers. In the October of 2019, I was officially recognized as a qualified member (Certified Speaker) by the Malaysia Speakers Association (MSA).

I have also been invited to host business training and large-scale events across multiple cities in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan and other regions. Currently, I am the operation manager in a Marketing Agency, playing major roles in multiple local and international marketing projects. I am also the in-house trainer of the company.